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GreenFIT Homes is a Grand Rapids, Michigan insulation contractors and home improvement specialists who also offer renovation, home energy audits and energy efficiency expertise to homeowners throughout West Michigan. We can remove and replace your current insulation with the latest in loose-fill, batt and blanket, rigid board or spray foam insulation. If you have a home in Rockford, Holland or the greater Grand Rapids area and want to speak to one of our experienced insulation contractors please contact us.

On top of our insulation services, we also specialize in the home improvement services below, explore our site and see everything we have to offer.

  • tempInsulation

    We evaluate your home to make sure you have the optimum amount of insulation keeping your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Proper insulation is crucial to maximizing comfort in the home, helps eliminate dangerous ice dams and lowers energy costs.

  • air@2xAir Sealing and Ventilation

    Proper air flow in your home is the key to comfort. Having both of your homes air sealing and ventilation systems  properly evaluated can guarantee a more comfortable home. We will evaluate each system and make recommendations to assure your home will have proper air flow.

  • heating3New Home Building Code Testing

    In February of 2016 the Sate of Michigan now requires additional testing on residential homes, GreenFIT Homes is proud to offer infiltration and duct leak testing to residential builders to assist builders with meeting new energy code requirements.

  • efficiency-circleEfficiency & Smart Home Technology

    Energy efficient solutions help save both money and the planet. We provide “green” services combined with Smart Home Technology that make the most sense for your lifestyle and your budget. 

  • performanceHome Remodeling

    Our renovation projects range from small to large, and include garages, basements, sealing, ventilation, insulation and energy efficiency solutions while incorporating Universal and Lifestyle Design principals.

  • patios-sunrooms-dealerOutdoor Services

    Michiganders enjoy all four (4) seasons and GreenFIT Homes is proud to offer a new line of products and services focusing on outdoor living and enjoying the Michigan seasons with underdecking, patios and sunrooms.

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