3 Reasons Why Hiring a Contractor Could Save Your Sanity

As home performance experts, we here at GreenFIT Homes get a LOT of questions from our customers and other homeowners. Today we’re going to address one of the most common homeowner questions we get so you can make the most informed decisions for you, your family, and your home.


Q: What is the benefit of having a contractor make energy efficiency upgrades to my home?

A: If you’re a distinguished do-it-yourselfer, more power to ya! If you feel you’re up to the task, you can tackle some common home performance renovations yourself.  The perk of hiring a contractor like GreenFIT Homes is three-fold:

  • Convenience: You don’t have to pry open the tool box, get your hands dirty, or stock up on Band-Aids and duct tape. We’ll even leave your house just the way we found it – just with a few enhancements, of course.
  • Expediency: Our Field Technicians do this kind of work day in and day out. They’ve perfected the art and the science of a job well done and done quickly. Don’t bother sacrificing another precious weekend. Take a load off while we get down to business.
  • Expertise: We don’t just specialize in furnaces. Or attics. Or basements. Or any single thing. We’re whole-house experts and building scientists (even though you won’t see us sporting fancy lab coats). We know how your home functions as a network of complex systems so when we do work in your home, we know precisely how our work will impact the rest of the home.

If you’re wondering what types of home performance renovations you might be able to tackle yourself, feel free to leave us a comment here on the blog, reach out to us on Facebook, or just give us a call. We’re happy to field any questions you have!

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