Cost Effective Outdoor Living Spaces

It’s time for all Michiganders to get outside and enjoy the beautiful Michigan weather. That means everyone is busy getting yard work done, putting out our outdoor furniture and fixing up patios or decks to enjoy the next three (3) gorgeous seasons in West Michigan before winter is upon us again.

A lot of people ask us questions about the cost of outdoor living space, so we thought you might enjoy some of these low maintenance and cost effective outdoor living ideas to spruce up your outdoor spaces.


Underdecking is a cost-effective way to create an outdoor space for your family while also protecting your home.

Underdeck Patio

UnderDeck The Original® is a patented innovative outdoor ceiling system designed to solve the problem of what to do with the wet, dark, ugly space below second-level decks caused by rain.  It can also be a much more cost-effective alternative to other outdoor living spaces.  What’s different about UnderDeck and other Systems?

  • Superior deck drainage system that has a distinct dimensional design.
  • Much more attractive than other systems as it blends nicely with your home instead of systems that employ those flat shiny surfaces.
  • The Original ceiling system is an innovative design with its simple and efficient use of vinyl gutters and panels which attach to the joists below the deck.
  • Water and dirt travels onto the UnderDeck’s System and exits at the end of the deck, or is channeled through rain gutters and downspouts to direct the flow of water away from your home.

Outdoor Living Ideas

Whether it’s time to stain the deck or put out the outdoor patio furniture there are many cost-effective ways to creatively turn your outdoor living space into your outside sanctuary.   Here are some colorful and easy ways to bring that outdoor space to life.

  • Throw pillows and curtains make all the difference. Whether you have an underdecking space, pergola, or gazebo outdoor curtains can add a creative flair that provide style and luxury to your outdoor space. Adding colorful pillows and curtains adds an accent to your space your friends and family will appreciate.
  • Lighting properly done on walkways and in living spaces gives it a touch of class while also improving the safety and comfort of your space. Use motion lights on walk-ways and on steps to offset the space and provide a safer environment for night time entertainment.
  • Fencing of all types can be used to create an outdoor space or add additional style to the outdoor living area. It doesn’t have to be a traditional white picketed fence as there are many options in creating fencing including latticework, bamboo, weathered barn wood or even shrubs to create that perfect boundary for your outdoor space.

Low Maintenance and Safety Are Key

Whatever you decide to do with your outdoor space remember to keep the maintenance low so you have time to fully enjoy your outdoor living area.   You might not mind doing all the chores and yard work now but remember you might not feel the same way in 5 or 10 years from now.  Keep it simple and low maintenance and most of all ENJOY.

  • LED lighting is a little more expensive but it lasts much longer, saves money and is much lower maintenance.
  • Use low-maintenance materials for decks, underdecking and siding. Power washing isn’t all that fun.
  • If you are going to do landscaping keep in mind the Michigan falls and yard maintenance. Through proper landscape design you can minimize your time and energy trying to keep up the lawn and use your time to enjoy your outdoor living area with family and friends.
  • In your design ideas try to incorporate ramps instead of stairs this makes it easier for all ages to enjoy your outdoor space.

GreenFit Homes specializes in underdecking, patios and sunrooms for creating beautiful outdoor living spaces for our clients. If you have questions about outdoor living space costs or would like a no obligation consultation contact us at 616-887-2901 and talk to one of our specialist today.

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