Cozy Sweater or Cozy Home?

In our years installing insulation in Grand Rapids and insulation in Holland, we have had a chance to work with just about every kind of home, and every kind of homeowner. Ask any three homeowners about their ideal indoor temperature in winter, and you will likely get three different answers. People just feel comfortable at different temperatures.

Many people will even tell you that an ideal home temperature in summer is different in the winter – say, 68 in winter and 75 in summer – and different at night than during the daytime. And the same person can feel uncomfortable at a given temperature one day, and comfortable at the exact same temperature the next day. In that case, layering clothing can be the most efficient way to stay snug.

One thing is certain, though: If you maintain your home at an uncomfortable temperature to save on your heating budget, and walk around bundled up, it can subconsciously do a number on your overall happiness. Heating your home more effectively in the winter provides an general sense of contentment and wellbeing, regardless of where you prefer to set the thermostat.

There are many ways to make your home more efficient in winter, including these three:

  • Use a programmable thermostat. These are reasonably inexpensive, and allow you to set a different home temperature when you’re not home or at night. Whether you use one of these or an old style thermostat, set it and forget it. Otherwise furnace works too hard if you touch the thermostat every time you feel cool.
  • Have a home energy analysis. A main cause of discomfort in a home is drafty areas. Drafty rooms are the effect of cold air leaking in around windows, doors, outlets, light fixtures, and gaps in corners. Air sealing in strategic areas can make a world of difference.
  • Invest in home insulation improvements. When applied appropriately, your investment in insulation should come back to you in energy savings over time. And better insulation is better for your home as well. For example, a properly insulated attic will help your attic ventilation system to function properly, improving overall indoor air quality and helping to prevent moisture build-up that can cause mold.

If you’re one who likes to keep your home cool in the winter, and perhaps stay bundled in a sweater, by all means do. However, an inefficient home is not a good way to keep it at a lower temperature. If you’d like to investigate home energy analysis or if you’re ready to improve your home insulation, contact GreenFIT Homes today at 616-887-2901.

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