Energy Audits are to MRIs and Xrays as Renovations are Surgery

Would you allow a doctor to perform surgery without telling you why? Jeff Wilson (from HGTV, in video below) and GreenFIT Homes feel the same about making improvements to your home.

Much like having an exam, diagnostic tests, and visits with a doctor before agreeing to have surgery, your home should be examined by a professional with diagnostic tools before allowing it to go under the knife.

An energy audit in your home prior to making improvements is the diagnostic and investigative approach to providing solutions to homeowner concerns. An auditing professional, like our GreenFIT Homes specialists, should be certified in building science, understanding how each and every material, product, and system of a home works in unity and should be addressed in a “whole house approach”.

Check out this video with Jeff Wilson from HGTV and why he feels an energy audit is the answer prior to making home improvements.


Are you thinking of making improvements in your home but want to make sure you’re not performing surgery without the appropriate testing? Contact GreenFIT Homes and let us devise a course of action custom tailored too your unique home and concerns.

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