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Homeowner’s Guide to Winter Preparation – Part 1


You don’t need us to tell you that fall has arrived – you surely noticed for yourself when you stepped outside this morning for the first time. It won’t be long before these brisk autumn days turn into frigid winter nights, so it would be wise to make sure your home is ready for the cold months ahead. Taking a few easy steps to winterize your home now can make you home far more comfortable when December and January roll around.

Insulation is Crucial

As one of the leading insulation contractors Grand Rapids has to offer, we can attest first hand to the importance of quality insulation within your home. When it comes to keeping the warm air in — and the cold air out — nothing can replace great insulation. Without proper insulation in your home, you may be left to run your furnace nearly non-stop, all winter long. Of course, that would be expensive in addition to being a waste of energy resources.

So how do you know if you have insulation problems in your home? Cold rooms and floors are often one of the first signs. If you notice that one portion of your home is significantly colder than the rest of the house, there is a good chance that poor insulation is to blame. Also, the presence of rodents or abnormally high energy bills are other common signs of a problem.

Work with an Experienced Contractor

Experience is important when it comes to completing insulation work in your home. It is important to have that experience because each insulation job is unique. For example, some jobs will require spray foam insulation, while others will call for loose-fill insulation. To get the best possible results in your own home, you need to work with a team like the one here at GreenFIT Homes.

While insulation is key to keeping your home at a comfortable temperature throughout the cold Michigan winters, it also provides a variety of other benefits. Good insulation will reduce the noise that comes into your home from the outside, and you should find that less pollen and dust enters the home as well. Simply put, a comfortable home is a well-insulated home.

To learn more about winterizing your home and the insulation services offered in the greater Grand Rapids area by GreenFIT Homes, please feel free to contact us today.

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