5 Tips to Enjoy Your Patio This Fall

Summer is a welcomed but fleeting break from the cold here in the Grand Rapids area. We bask, barbecue, burn and try to enjoy every minute of our short but gorgeous Michigan summers. Patios, sunrooms, and 3-season rooms are one of best ways to extend our outdoor enjoyment and they are also one of the most utilized spaces in the home.

We have all wished for more time in the summer sun and dreamed of ways to spend more time outdoors. Take a look at these useful tips to create your own backyard paradise and enjoy your time outdoors well into the autumn season.


Patio Installation Grand Rapids, MI

1. Install a Patio Cover

Fall is here and Mr. Winter will soon be knocking on the door of West Michigan homeowners. There is an easy way to protect you from the elements (it’s even useful during the summer heat) and it helps keep you outdoors for several more months a year. Our Grand Rapids and Rockford contracting company, GreenFIT Homes, has a fantastic range of patio covers. A patio cover will block the worst of the weather and will extend your outdoor pleasure and backyard enjoyment.

2. Bundle Up

It may sound strange to intentionally sit outside in the cold, however, it is a common practice in cafes throughout Europe. As fall arrives, the bistros provide blankets and fake furs to diners. Well, furs might not be practical here in Grand Rapids but a simple blanket over your patio furniture can work wonders in making the space feel warm and inviting.

3. Install a Patio Heating System

Whether you opt for an open wood burning stove or gas system, you will be able to take the chill out of your outdoor paradise and enjoy your patio area into early winter. There are tons of options available to both homeowners and businesses for outdoor heating so check it out.

4. Get Comfortable

Investing in comfortable chairs and soft lighting will make the patio area more inviting. Bringing the comfort of your indoor spaces into your patio area warms the space right up. In fact, it makes it hard to get rid of your company when entertaining so be careful about just how comfy you make it.

5. Consider a Sunroom

If you would like to have full use of your patio throughout the entire year, the best option is to install a sunroom. GreenFIT Homes offers affordable and beautiful sunroom options that add value and style to every home. Choosing one that suits your budget and style will make your fall, spring, summer, and even winter more enjoyable.

For more information on our services in Rockford, Grand Rapids, and all of West Michigan, click here to visit our Patio & Sunrooms page or call 616-887-2901 for a free, no obligation consultation.

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