Why is Energy Efficiency Important?

Energy efficiency means using less energy to accomplish the same task. By improving your home’s energy efficiency and using smart home technology.

Adopting energy efficient practices can be the first solution for addressing global energy demand. Development and implementation of energy-efficient products, technologies and services saves consumers and businesses money, creates jobs, provides a cleaner environment and reduces our dependence on foreign oil. economy. Smart homeowners understand the importance of energy efficiency, renewal energy and smart home technology to improve their homes and protect the environment for their children and grandchildren. Be smart, reduce your energy costs, improve the comfort of your home and help our global energy dependence.

GreenFIT Homes Efficiency & Smart Home Technology Services

Energy Audits – Our experts will perform a comprehensive energy audit of your home while also identifying any health or safety hazards. We use state of the art diagnostic equipment to pinpoint air leaks, inadequate and non-energy efficient insulation, moisture problems, and more. We’ll also provide a thorough report of the work needed to get your house back into shape — eliminating the energy wasters and improving your comfort.
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Efficiency Rebates – Rebates and financial incentives are available to help offset the cost of your investment and help you start saving immediately. The GreenFIT Homes team is very familiar with Michigan rebate programs and can point you in the right direction to maximize savings and find discounts on items like energy efficient lighting and appliances. We are also a participating contractor in City Programs such as the Holland Energy Fund Program.
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Nest Smart ThermostatSmart Home Technology–  Smart Home Technology includes smoke detectors, carbon monoxide (CO) alarms, smart thermostats, wireless cameras and keyless door entry systems. It helps homeowners keep a close eye on their home when away and helps prevent accidents and injuries. GreenFIT Homes is a one stop shop for adding Smart Home Technology to your home and keeping your family safe and healthy.
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If you’re interested in getting an energy audit or adding smart home technology products to your Grand Rapids or West Michigan area home or would like to speak with us about other energy efficiency and renewable energy projects, fill out the form on the right to request a free, no-obligation quote. If you’d prefer to speak to one of our energy efficiency experts, call us directly at 616.887.2901.