Basements Don’t Need to Be Dark & Dingy

Basement Remodel
Don’t let all that unused space in your basement go to waste! GreenFIT Homes can help transform it into a great family space for entertainment, exercise or play. We are one of the leading basement remodeling and renovation companies in Grand Rapids, Rockford and the West Michigan area.

Basements are typically about one-third of the entire home’s available space, 600 to 800 sq. ft. in the average home. And while some basements have been finished to create more living area, the majority of these spaces are used as makeshift laundry rooms, home offices, and storage rooms. If you’re looking for more space, it might be right underneath you.

Benefits of Basement Remodeling & Renovations

  • Unlike a room addition, there is no need to excavate for new footings or worry about structural loads.
  • Utilities (including water, electricity, gas and sewer lines) are typically close at hand, further reducing costs.
  • Heating and cooling loads are relatively light for basements.
  • Basements almost always have stairs leading to them, unlike many attics (another popular house expansion candidate).

Special Considerations for Basement Renovations

  • Wet or Damp Basements – Waterproofing prior to renovating may be necessary, and waterproof building materials should be used in basement renovations.
  • Limited Lighting – To make up for a lack of natural light, dropped or suspended ceilings can easily and attractively accommodate recessed can, track, and fluorescent troffer fixtures.
  • Ducts and Beams – There are several approaches to accommodating ducts and beams, including painting them to match the ceiling or in bright playful colors, or boxing the ducts in with soffits, or wood-framed enclosures covered with drywall.
  • Drains Going Up – If necessary, there are several methods for draining sewage waste and wastewater — especially from toilets — upwards to existing drain lines.
  • Meeting Building Codes – There are many building codes intended to ensure the safety of basement remodeling projects, and we will make sure all necessary permits are in place.

You may want to check out Pinterest for great basement remodeling ideas.

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