Lifestyle Design for All Ages

Lifestyle design renovations and remodeling projects incorporate Universal Design and Barrier-Free Design with Smart Home Technology. Universal design is simply designing your home or next remodeling project keeping in mind people of all ages both young and old regardless of age, people of all size and making sure it is designed for those with abilities or those with disabilities. Common sense right? No, unfortunately that hasn’t been the case over the last several decades but now savvy homeowners are demanding their remodeling and renovations projects incorporate these simple principals while keeping the aesthetic, curb appeal and elegance that fits their specific taste.


  • Barrier-Free Showers: These can be custom designed or purchased as kits but why does anyone need a barrier into the shower regardless of age?
  • Grab Bars or Towel Bars: Grabs bars are beautifully designed today and don’t become lose and dangerous like towel bars when kids pull on them or adults lean on them.
  •  Non-Slip Flooring: If you are going to redo your flooring there are lots of options to keep everyone safe from treating existing flooring to specialized non-slip flooring.
  •  Outdoor Spaces: Going to add a Gazebo, Patio, or Outdoor Kitchen. Consider using ramps instead of stairs, always consider motion lights and use of energy efficient lighting for pathways and exterior, use low maintenance materials and landscaping unless you have a lot more time than most people.
  •  Smart Home Technology: From front door security to surveillance and alarm systems. These systems have become very cost effective so make sure you protect your parents and children.
  • Shower Seats: Whether for shaving your legs or just relaxing from a long day, shower seats prevent slips and falls for all ages.


Aging in Place Design Specialists in Grand Rapids

Many of us will struggle with an aging parent or being a caregiver during the course of our lifetime. We want our parents to be able to stay in their homes as long as possible because their desire is to keep their independence.

Our aging in place design services can help them make improvements to their home that will make it easier for them to age in place and more importantly prevent them from being a statistic.

  • Over 50% of falls occur in homes and their immediate surroundings.
  • Over 40% of older adults admitted to the hospital as a result of a fall do not return to independent living.
  • Nursing care facilities range in cost from $4000 to over $8000 per month and don’t expect any financial assistance if your parents have assets over $2,000. Now your parent’s home is used as collateral if they need assistance with nursing care costs with the state taking any proceeds owed from nursing care costs from the sale of the home after your parent dies.
  •  Custodial in home care ranges from an individual at $10 to $12/hour to firms which on average charge $20/hour.
  •  GreenFIT Homes offers specialized assessments for Universal Design and Aging in Place with experienced Occupational Therapists who are located in the Greater Grand Rapids area.
  •  We also recommend that you do financial planning with your parents before an accident occurs and do whatever you can to make sure they are safe in their home.

So whether you are a homeowner wanting to incorporate low maintenance living, increase curb appeal and value of your home, improve the safety and security of your home or your parent’s home, or you just think incorporating Universal and Barrier free design into your home is good common sense we are here to help. If you’re interested in information on Life Style Design, fill out the form on the right to request a free, no-obligation quote. Or if you’re looking to speak to an aging in place specialist about your home in Rockford or the Greater Grand Rapids area, you can call us directly at 616.887.2901.