Why are Energy Efficient Windows & Doors Important?

Air can escape your home through inefficient windows and doors, costing you money. Not only are windows and doors important for functional reasons, they’re an interesting element in residential design. Energy efficient door and window replacement is increasingly popular as technologies have changed their performance in major ways. Issues such as climate, orientation, shading, and window area all affect energy performance, but aesthetic factors such as access to fresh air, daylight, and natural views impact the comfort of a home.
Energy Efficient Windows

Benefits of Energy Efficient Windows & Doors

  • Lower energy usage and costs
  • Improved comfort
  • Less condensation
  • Increased light & better view
  • Reduced fading
  • Lower HVAC costs


Options for Windows & Window Replacement

Whether you are looking for replacement windows or would like to improve the energy performance of your existing windows, several options are available. An energy audit  can help you identify good strategies for more efficient windows and a more efficient house. Whichever energy efficiency measures you consider, the federal government as well as state, local, and utility programs may offer financing help or weatherization assistance.

Depending on the condition of your current windows, there are three options for improving performance:

  • Repair – The cost of repair will depend on the condition of the windows.
  • Retrofit – There are several options for improving performance of windows in good condition, including window film, sash replacement or exterior shading.
  • Replace – If windows are in poor condition and not performing, energy efficient replacement windows are recommended.

After a thorough inspection, GreenFIT Homes experts will recommend a plan for your home and provide the most energy efficient windows and doors to meet your needs and budget. We install wood replacement windows in Grand Rapids as well as vinyl, aluminum and fiberglass windows to provide our customers with the best quality options. We’ll determine if single or double pane windows make the most sense for your home. We’re the contractor you can trust for window and door repair as well as door and window replacement in Rockford, Grand Rapids and West Michigan.

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